Koi Alien Photo 54

Keywords : Ural alien, looks like crumbling body in metallic helmet. The photograph has a caption referring to "GUFOA".

Various photographs (which are stills from a video) showing this "alien" appear on various websites, with elaborate articles accompanying the photographs.  Most of the articles are based on a report by the Georgian UFO Association(GUFOA) and claim that the photograph shows the body of an alien that was found by an old woman in the Ural mountains which died after a couple of weeks. Its corpse was allegedly confiscated by the Russian Security Service.

UFO researcher Michael Hesemann has commented that "This is one of the most promising cases of a possible alien body I know of".

The photograph in fact shows the dessicated remains of a human fetus, probably about 5 months old.



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1. The relevant image



2. Stories and claims relating to this image

Most of the discussions of these photographs derive from an article on the website of GUFOA (the Georgian UFO Association).

GUFOA's website included the following text (taking the version of the webpage as at 17 January 2001 - although material was apparently on that website from an earlier date): /ural-et.html

Old women found Live ET!  Ural mountains, village Kashtim

That's happen in Russia in village Kashtim. Old women found dying ET on road. She thought what that was baby and take him at home. She cared and feed ET. After two weeks women begun ache and ambulance took her at the hospital. Et stayed alone and whit out care was die. I don't have information who took ET-s dead body, but 13 August 1996 in village Kashtims police department was measured that body and was recorded on VHS video tape. ET-s body's length was 21 cm. After that they took that body for science investigation, but KGB stolen body.

Very soon I will add some additional information about that case!

Zaza Edilashvili


The material from the GUFOA website spread to various other websites.

For example, the Virtuallystrange UFO Updates mailing list included the following:


From: Alex Persky <>

Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2000 14:35:13 +0200

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Subject: Re: Ural Alien-Body-Pictures? - Persky



>From: Werner Walter <>

>Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 13:10:46 +0100

>Subject: Ural Alien-Body-Pictures?

>To: UFO Updates <>


>Does anyone know more about the so-called Ural Alien-Body which

>you can see at:







This is a photo of the so-called "Kyshtymski Karlik" (Kyshtym

Dwarf). In 1997 the Russian magazine "Anomalia" published

Michael Gershtein's ( article "Three dead

bodies and two movies", here is the summary of the article.


It was claimed that the creature was found in 1996 (1997?) at a

graveyard at the village Kaolinovy by the pensioner Ms. Tamara

Prosvirina. The village is situated near the small Ural town of

Kyshtym. She claimed that she received "a telepathic command" to

go to the graveyard where she found the creature and took it

home. It lived there for a time being and Tamara fed it with

sour cream and milk. Her neighbors and relatives also saw the

living creature, they said that it's color was white and it's

extremities were very mobile because of the special texture of

it's joints. After a while Tamara's neighbors noticed that she

had a severe psychic disease and she was admitted to mental

hospital. The creature was locked up in her house and died

there. After some time it became mummified.


While Tamara was at hospital her house was rod by Mr.Nurtdinov

who found the dead body and seized it up. He said that at that

time the body had a smell of cologne. He dried the body a little

and put the mummy into his refrigerator.


After a while the thief was arrested by Kyshtym militia. Eugeny

Mokichev who was an investigator from Kyshtym found the body in

the cold-store and could not understand what was it. Was it a

victim of an illegal abortion, or misscarriage, or it was a

murdered ugly child? Nobody was astonished by the appearance of

the creature because Kyshtym was situated at the center of the

radioactive contamination zone which had appeared after an

incident at the radioactive wastes store in Cheliabinsk-40 in



Captain Vladimir Bendlin initiated an investigation and shot a

video of the body. Stanislav Samoshkim who was a local

pathologo-anathomist (the term?) concluded that the body was not

a human being's one. Dr. I.Ermolaeva confirmed his conclusion

and said "there are no children with so strange texture of the

body in existence".


So militia didn't have a ground for the future investigation

because there was no corpus delicti and if there was no corpus

delicti then there was no crime. Capt.Bendlin addressed to a

local "ufologist" by name Ms. Galina Semenkova who was living in

town of Kamensk-Uralsky. She announced that she knows all the

truth about the death humanoid because she had a telepathic

contact with extraterrestrials. She said to Bendlin that this

was an extraterrestrial from Alfa Centauri who had been sent to

the Earth to establish contact with us. In any case, she took

the mummy into her possession and ordered everyone to keep

silence so as not to make Alfa Centaurians angry.


The dead body passed from Ms.Semenkova to another owner, then to

another one and was subsequently lost. The last owners found by

the journalist by name Yuri Konshin said that the mummy was

taken away by a very high-ranking guys from FSS (KGB). But it

was a pretext because FSS could capture the body when it was in

the possession of Kyshtym militia. Moreover, soon after that an

ad appeared in Internet saying that there was "an alien body

from Russia" for sale, in English.


Also Gershtein wrote that the same dead body had been seen about

twenty years ago near the town of Salinas in Puerto-Rico

according to articles in "Evidencia OVNI" and "The Flying Saucer





Alex Persky


Other websites include variations on the above material, with some comments.

For example,the website included the following:

The story

According to a report published by the Georgian UFO Association GUFORA (from the Caucasian Republic of Georgia) an alien body was retrieved by the Russian State Security Service in 1996. An old woman from the village of Kashtim in the Ural mountains, so the report claims, found a dying little creature on the road.

After two weeks, the woman got sick and was hospitalized. The creature stayed home alone... and died. Probably because the woman told someone in the hospital the Kashtim Police Department entered the woman's home and found the dead body on August 13, 1996. The corpse was filmed with a VHS camera -standard equipment of the Russian police these days- when a preliminary investigation (including the use of a Geiger Counter) was undertaken. According to the measurements of the Police, the being was only 21 centimeters (8 1/2 inches) in length. The corpse was later confiscated by the State Security (Ex-KGB).

Michael Hesemann's comment:

"This is one of the most promising cases of a possible alien body I know of.Interestingly enough we have a parallel case from Puerto Rico, when a very similar being was allegedly killed by a man, put in a freezer and preserved until today. The photos were published and shown by my friend and colleague Jorge Martin. At the moment all we have are 21 stills from the video, published on gufoas highly interesting website but they show enough details to rule out -the possibility of an animal, like the "Israeli ET" which turned out to be a frog -the possibility of a small rubber alien, a toy thought to be "a real ET" in three cases in Mexico, the UK and (again) Israel. To me it looks like the corpse of a humanoid being, either a human fetus or .... something else... your comments are welcome! I already contacted GUFOA and will try to learn more on this fascinating incident."



Around 2004, several web sites in Russia have spread the latest news about the nature of the creature: it is said that its DNA was checked and found to be that of a normal human female. The abnormality of the poor being raised further discussion as to whether whe was the victim of radiation driven mutation or normal albeit unfortunate natural mutations.

In any event, unless one wants to support that extraterrestrial may share the same DNA than human, the being is human, nor extraterrestrial.


3. The real background to this image

In the course of researching another photograph of an "alien" (Koi Alien Photo 10), I contacted "Dapper Cadaver" (a "specialty store for the finest death related props, Halloween props, haunted house decor, and oddities"). In passing, its owner generously commented upon this photo (and several others on this website).  Mr Winslow observed (email dated 4 January 2011 to Isaac Koi from BJ Winslow) he recognized the bone structure as "clearly a human fetuses dessicated remains. It's not uncommon to find these things when people are keeping abortions secret". He went on to say that "The dessicated fetus on your site is probably about 5 months old. Note the suture down the front of the forehead, absent in adults, but present in fetuses, and the toothless, sunken in jaw". Mr Winslow drew to my attention a tableau of dessicated human fetuses.

The photograph below (labelled "koi_ap_54_j") was taken by Joanna Ebenstein for her website, the Secret Museum, which shows her "exhibition of photographs exploring the poetics of hidden, untouched and curious collections from around the world." It shows a fetal skeleton tableau (from Paris, circa 17th century).

Notice the similarities to the "alien" in "Koi Alien Photo 54"?



4. Relevant online forum discussions




5. Further references and resources

There is a rapid turnover of UFO material on the Internet. Many links to material on UFO websites quickly become out of date. Therefore, instead of giving many links to specific webpages I have instead included below a search box which can be used to search various leading UFO websites at the same time. You can then click on tabs at the top of the search results to list only results from forums, only results from websites I have labelled as "skeptical" etc. I have included tabs for a couple of specific websites that I find particularly useful, including the valuable archives of the UFO UpDates email discussion List. The relevant websites are all listed in the discussion of the "UFO Searchillion" search engine in Section 2.4 of the "Free UFO Researcher Starter Pack" and continues to evolve...


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6. Other Material




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