• 1975.0000 Bluebook files available

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    During 1975, Project Blue Book case files were made available to the public at the National Archives. An ineffective attempt was made to redact the names of all witnesses.




  • 1975.0000 McCarthy's thesis on McDonald

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    During 1975, Paul McCarthy submits a thesis on James E McDonald.




  • 1975.0000 Movie “The Night That Panicked Americans"


    “The Night That Panicked Americans"
    The movieThe Night That Panicked Americans"was a dramatization of the effects of the broadcast of the “War of the Worlds” radio program. Directed by Joseph Sargent.




  • 1975.0000 Movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”


    “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
    The MovieThe Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975) starred Tim Curry.




  • 1975.0000 Resta's masters thesis

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    During 1975, a masters thesis entitled “The Relationship of Anomie and Externality to Strength of Belief in Unidentified Flying Objects” was submitted by Stephen P Restaat Loyola College, Baltimore.




  • 1975.0000 “The magic of Findhorn”


    “The magic of Findhorn”
    During 1975, Paul Hawken wrote “The magic of Findhorn” about the new age community at Findhorn, Scotland.




  • 1975.0324 Extra-Galactic SETI search


    Extra-Galactic SETI search
    On the night of 24/25 March 1975, Carl Sagan and Frank Drake used the Arecibo radio telescope in an attempt to detect extra-galactic signals on 1420 MHz from nearby galaxies.




  • 1975.0600 "Absence of Extraterrestrials on Earth"


    "Absence of Extraterrestrials on Earth"
    During June 1975, Michael Hart’s paper entitled “An Explanation for the Absence of Extraterrestrials on Earth” was published by the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society.




  • 1975.0813 Charles Moody abduction

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    The alleged abduction of Air Force Staff Sergeant Charles L Moody at Alamogordo, New Mexico occurred on 13 August 1975.

    This incident is Case 94 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 30 of the books covered by that article.




  • 1975.0826 Larson abduction

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    On 26 August 1975, there was an alleged abduction involving Jackie Larson, Sandra Larson and male friend Terry O’ Leary, near Fargo, North Dakota.

    This incident is Case 96 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 29 of the books covered by that article.




  • 1975.1000 SAC bases incidents

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    Over a period of several weeks in October and November of 1975, several Strategic Air Command bases (“SAC bases”) in northern tier states were placed on a high priority alert because of repeated reports of unidentified aircraft flying at low altitude.




  • 1975.1020 Movie “The UFO Incident”


    “The UFO Incident”
    The movie “The UFO Incident”, dramatizing the Betty and Barney Hill incident, was broadcast on NBC-TV on 20 October 1975. It starred James Earl Jones as Barney Hill and Estelle Parsons as Betty Hill. It was directed by Richard A Colla.



  • 1975.1105 Travis Walton abduction

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    Travis Walton claims to have been abducted by a UFO near Snowflake, Arizona, USA on 5 November 1975.

    This incident is Case 11 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 114 of the books covered by that article.

    The National Enquirer reported on 13 June 1976 that it was awarding Travis Walton $2,500, and the other witnesses a total of a further $2,500 following the recommendations of the members of its “blue ribbon” panel of UFO experts.

    Allen H Greenfield (a ufologist) has suggested that the Travis Walton incident “may be the most iron-clad UFO case in history”

    This incident has also featured in lists by various UFO researchers of the top UFO cases, including the following:

    a list of Dennis Balthaser’s “ten favourite cases” in an article in the MUFON Journal in 2003.



  • 1975.1124 NASA evolution workshop


    NASA evolution workshop
    On 24 November 1975, NASA sponsors a workshop (“A Workshop on Cultural Evolution”) chaired by Joshua Lederberg on the evolution of intelligent life and technological civilizations.




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