• 1977.0000 Movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”


    “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”


    The movieClose Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977) was written and directed by Steven Spielberg. It starred Richard Dreyfuss.



  • 1977.0000 Movie “Star Wars”


    “Star Wars”
    The movie “Star Wars” (1977) was written and directed by George Lucas. The full title of the first movie "Star Wars" movie is “Star Wars IV : A New Hope”.




  • 1977.0000 NASA SETI Special Publication


    NASA SETI Special Publication
    During 1977, NASA released NASA Special Publication 419 (“NASA SP-419”). This was a report entitled “The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” edited by Philip Morrison, John Billingham and John Wolfe.




  • 1977.0000 Ripperston Farm sightings


    Ripperston Farm sightings
    During 1977, there were various UFO reports near Ripperston Farm in Wales, involving the Coombs/Coombes family.




  • 1977.0000 SERENDIP SETI search


    SERENDIP SETI search
    During 1977, the “SERENDIP” (“Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emission from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations”) piggybacking SETI program began operation. It was developed by Professor Stuart Bowyer and colleagues at the University of California.




  • 1977.0000 Starship detection SETI article


    Starship detection SETI article
    During 1977, David Viewing (a member of the British Interplanetary Society) and two colleagues publish an article entitled “Detection of Starships” in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society discussing the possibility of detecting alien starships in space




  • 1977.0000 X-Ray SETI article


    X-Ray SETI article
    During 1977, Andy Fabian publishes an article entitled “Signaling Over Stellar Distances with X-Rays” in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society discussing the possibility of matter being dropped on to neutron stars to produce burst of x-rays to signaling over stellar distances.




  • 1977.0000 “Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary craft”

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    During 1977, Karen and Richard Carpenter (“The Carpenters”) released “Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary craft”.




  • 1977.0204 Broad Haven school "landing"


    Broad Haven school "landing"
    On 4 February 1977, there was an alleged UFO landing near Broad Haven Primary School, west Wales, allegedly witnessed by various schoolchildren.





  • 1977.0309 Brian Grimshawe encounter


    Brian Grimshawe encounter
    On 9 March 1977, a close encounter allegedly occurred involving Brian Grimshawe and Jeff Farmer in Nelson, in Lancashire, England, involving reports of electromagnetic effects.




  • 1977.0400 Sturrock astronomers survey


    Sturrock astronomers survey
    During April 1977 results were released of a survey by Dr Peter Sturrock of professional and amateur astronomers of the American Astronomical Society (“AAS”) regarding UFOs. (Commonly referred to as “the Sturrock survey” or “the AAS survey”)




  • 1977.0506 Kuiper on colonisation


    Kuiper on colonisation
    On 6 May 1977, the journal Science published a paper by Thomas B H Kuiperof the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (“JPL”) and Mark Morris of Cal Tech which concludes that “the glaxy is either essentially empty with respect to technological civilizations or extensively colonized”.




  • 1977.0620 “Alternative 3” broadcast

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    On 20 June 1977, “Alternative 3” was broadcast by Anglia Television, England.




  • 1977.0624 Imaginary abduction experiments

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    The “first International UFO Congress” was held in Chicago on 24-26 June 1977. During this Congress, Alvin H Lawson reported the results of hypnotic experiments he had performed with Dr McCall and Mr John DeHerrera regarding imaginary abduction accounts




  • 1977.0815 "Wow!" signal


    "Wow!" signal
    On 15 August 1977, the “Wow! signal” was picked up by the Big Ear radio telescope of the Ohio State University Radio Observatory. Astronomer Jerry Ehman scrawled “Wow!” in the margin of the print out of the relevant radio noise.




  • 1977.0905 Voyager 1 recording


    Voyager 1 recording
    On 5 September 1977, Voyager 1 was launched. Attached to the side was a gold-coated phonograph record.




  • 1977.0912 FOIA lawsuit

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    On 12 September 1977, William Spaulding and Ground Saucer Watch (“GSW”) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in the US District Court, Eastern District of New York against the CIA requesting all UFO documents in CIA's possession.




  • 1977.0920 Russian “jellyfish” UFO

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    On 20 September 1977, there were reports of a UFO resembling “jellyfish” in the sky in Petrozavodsk, near Lake Onega, north of Moscow, Russia.




  • 1977.1126 "Voice of Glon" broadcast


    "Voice of Glon" broadcast
    On 26 November 1977, viewers of Southern Television in the Hennington area of England receive a broadcast purporting to be“the voice of Glon, representative of the Asteron Galactic command”.




  • 1977.1221 NASA Frosch letter on UFOs


    NASA Frosch letter on UFOs
    On 21 December 1977, a letter was written by NASA Administrator, Robert A Frosch, to Dr Frank Press, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President stating that NASA did not feel it could mount a UFO research effort without a better starting point than it had been able to identify thus far. The letter referred to absence of “tangible or physical” evidence for laboratory analysis.




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