• 1978.0000 "Tomato Man" photographs

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    During 1978, photographs of a burned body, apparently next to a pair of spectacles, were released by Williard McIntyre and others. They were alleged by some researchers to show the body of an alien. (Commonly referred to as “The Tomato Man” photographs)




  • 1978.0000 Asteroid belt SETI article


    Asteroid belt SETI article
    During 1978, Michael Papagiannis (Boston University professor of astronomy) publishes an article suggesting that if there are any extraterrestrial probes, then the asteroid belt seems the most logical place to look for them.




  • 1978.0000 Gallup Poll


    Gallup Poll
    During 1978, a Gallup poll includes questions on UFOs for the fifth time. The results indicate 57% of adult Americans believe that UFOs are “real”.




  • 1978.0000 Movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”


    “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”
    The movieInvasion of the Body Snatchers” (1978) starred Donald Sutherland. It was directed by Philip Kaufman. It was a remake of the 1956 film.





  • 1978.0000 Project Daedalus study


    Project Daedalus study
    During 1978, following a design study (known as “Project Daedalus”) by members of the British Interplanetary Society (“BIS”), a design for an interstellar probe is proposed.




  • 1978.0127 Eavesdropping signals from Earth


    Eavesdropping signals from Earth
    On 27 January 1978, the journal Science publishes an article entitled “Eavesdropping: The Radio Signature of the Earth” by Woodruff T Sullivan, S Brown, and C Wetherill on the potential for extraterrestrials eavesdropping on “leaking” radio signals from the Earth




  • 1978.0216 SETI "Golden Fleece"


    SETI "Golden Fleece"
    On 16 February 1978, Senator William Proxmire (D-Wis) awards NASA his “Golden Fleece” for proposing to use taxpayer money on SETI. Several months later, NASA SETI funds were stricken from the 1979 HUD appropropriation bill.




  • 1978.0219 “Project UFO” series begins

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    On 19 February 1978, the “Project UFO” television series began broadcasting. It was directed by Jack Webb and produced by retired Air Force Colonel William Coleman




  • 1978.0220 Friedman told of Jesse Marcel

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    On 20 February 1978, Stanton T Friedman was told to talk to Jesse Marcel by the station manager of a local television station in Baton Rouge. This was the start of renewed investigations of the “Roswell incident”.




  • 1978.0514 Ocala radar/visual incident

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    On 15 May 1978, a radar/visual incident occurred in Ocala, Florida.




  • 1978.0619 Mann family abduction


    Mann family abduction
    On 19 June 1978.0619, there was an alleged abduction of the Mann family. This later became the focus of a book - “The Janos People” by Frank Johnson.

    See the entry in relation to “The Janos People”.




  • 1978.0901 Anglesey, Wales "landing"


    Anglesey, Wales "landing"
    On 1 September 1978, there was an alleged UFO landing in Llanerchymedd, Anglesey, Wales.




  • 1978.1021 Valentich disappearance

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    Pilot Frederick M Valentich disappears after reporting encountering a UFO while flying a Cessna 182 (call sign Delta Sierra Juliet) across the Bass Strait from Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania on 21st October 1978.

    This incident is Case 35 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 62 of the books covered by that article.

    This incident came fifth in an online poll conducted in March/April 2006 by Paul Kimball of “the UFO case with the ‘best evidence’ ever”.

    As part of a survey of various researchers of the “most evidential” UFO case, British ufologists Robert Rosamond and John Spencer produced a joint response which discussed this incident.


  • 1978.1110 Kuwait UFO incident

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    The Umm Al-Aish UFO incident in northern Kuwait, involving technicians and alleged electromagnetic effects on oil pumps, occurred on 10 November 1978. This was part of a series of incidents from 9 November 1978 to 21 November 1978.




  • 1978.1214 CIA documents released


    CIA documents released
    On 14 December 1978, the CIA releases UFO documents to Ground Saucer Watch.




  • 1978.1231 British UFOs and Cosmos 1068


    British UFOs and Cosmos 1068
    On 31 December 1978, there were UFO sightings across Britain. The re-entry of Russian satellite Cosmos 1068 occurred on same night.




  • 1978.1231 Wellington/Kaikoura film

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    The Wellington/Kaikoura, New Zealand incident involved filming of alleged UFOs during the night of 30th-31st December 1978 (shortly after midnight) on a flight from Christchurch to Blenheim in New Zealand, involving TV reporter Quentin Fogarty following up sightings of 21 December 1978.

    This incident is Case 57 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 50 of the books covered by that article.

    On 27 May 1980, the National Enquirer reported it had decided to award $2,000 to Dr Bruce Maccabee for his investigation into the New Zealand UFO film.

    This incident has also featured in lists by various UFO researchers of the top UFO cases, including the following:

    • a list of twenty UFO cases produced by Bruce Maccabee in 1999 in response to a challenge to produce “the best evidence for an extraterrestrial origin for the UFO phenomenon”.
    a list of the ten “best” case published by Ronald Story in his book “UFOs and the Limits of Science” (1981), and was described by him as being “the most puzzling picture sequence of all”.



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