• 1979.0000 L4 and L5 SETI search


    L4 and L5 SETI search
    During 1979, an attempt to discover evidence of discrete objects (such as interstellar probes) in stable orbits about L4 and L5 was made by Robert A Freitas Junior and Francisco Valdes by studying 90 astronomical photographical plates.




  • 1979.0000 Movie “Alien”


    The movieAlien” was directed by Ridley Scott and starred Sigourney Weaver.




  • 1979.0000 Poll of amateur astronomers


    Poll of amateur astronomers
    During 1979, a poll was conducted of amateur astronomers in the United States relating to UFOs.




  • 1979.0104 Mince pie Martians


    Mince pie Martians
    On 4 January 1979, Jean Hingley claims to offer mince pies and water to entities from a floating sphere at her home in Rowley Regis, West Midlands, England. (Commonly referred to as “the mince pie incident” or “the mince pie Martians”)




  • 1979.0118 House of Lords debate


    House of Lords debate
    On 18 January 1979, the United Kingdom’s House of Lords debates UFOs.




  • 1979.0700 Industrial Research poll


    Industrial Research poll
    During July 1979, "Industrial Research and Development" publishes the results of a poll of its readers on UFOs.




  • 1979.0827 Deputy Val Johnson encounter

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    On 27 August 1979, the Red River Valley, Marshall County, Minnesota alleged close encounter occurred involving Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson and claims of vehicular interference.




  • 1979.1102 Maryland SETI conference


    Maryland SETI conference
    A conference regarding SETI was held at University of Maryland on 2-3 November 1979.




  • 1979.1109 Livingston Incident


    Livingston Incident
    On 9 November 1979, the Livingston, Scotland incident involving foreman forester Robert Taylor (“Bob Taylor”) occurred, allegedly involving a close encounter and balls attached themselves to Mr Taylor’s trousers, tearing them. (Commonly referred to as “the Livingston Incident”).

    This incident is Case 86 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 33 of the books covered by that article.

    This incident has also featured in a list of cases produced jointly by British ufologists Dave Clarke and Andy Roberts for the Fortean Times in 2007 as part of a survey of various researchers of the ten cases from 1947 onwards that interested them the most.



  • 1979.1126 Cergy-Pontoise abduction

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    The alleged abduction of Franck Fontaine at Cergy-Pontoise occurred on 26 November 1979, north-west of Paris, France.




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