• 1983.0000 Jackie Gleason article

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    During 1983, an article in the “National Enquirer” alleges that Jackie Gleason claimed to have been shown alien bodies by President Nixon following a charity golf tournament run by Gleason (on 19 February 1973).




  • 1983.0000 SETI Science Working Group


    SETI Science Working Group
    During 1983, the “SETI Science Working Group Report” was edited by Frank Drake, John Wolfe and Charles Seeger




  • 1983.0400 Cultures Of The Imagination


    Cultures Of The Imagination
    Durinh April 1983, the first “Contact Conference” organised by Jim Funaro to encourage interdisciplinary speculation about what lies ahead as we enter the space age. The main event was a Cultures Of The Imagination (“COTI”) experiment, in which participants design an integrated world, alien and its way of life, and simulate contact with a future human society.



  • 1983.0812 Alfred Burtoo encounter


    Alfred Burtoo encounter
    On 12 August 1983, seventy-seven year old Alfred Burtoo claims to have an encounter beswide the Basingstoke Canal near Aldershot, Hampshire, England, claiming he heard a voice announce he could go and that he was too old.




  • 1983.1002 "News of the World" on Rendlesham


    "News of the World" on Rendlesham

    On 2 October 1983, the “News of the World” newspaper publishes a story about the Rendlesham sightings on its front page, entitled “UFO Lands in Suffolk : And that’s official”.




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