• 1998.0000 Movie: The “McPherson tape”


    The “McPherson tape”
    During 1998, the movie “Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County” was broadcast on UPN. (Commonly referred to as the “McPherson tape”). It was directed by Dean Alioto.




  • 1998.0000 Movie: “Small Soldiers”


    “Small Soldiers”
    The movieSmall Soldiers” (1998) was directed by Joe Dante.




  • 1998.0000 “Robotic Interstellar Exploration”

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    During 1998, a NASA workshop was co-ordinated by Henry M Harris entitled “Robotic Interstellar Exploration in the Next Century”.



  • 1998.0100 Concealment poll


    Concealment poll
    During January 1998, the results of a poll were published indicating that 86% of members of the public would expect the Government to lie or conceal evidence if life were discovered in outer space




  • 1998.1019 SETI@home


    On 19 October 1998, SETI@home starts operation.




  • 1998.1022 EQ Pegasi signal


    EQ Pegasi signal
    On 22 October 1998, a claim was purportedly made by an engineer (later identified as Paul Dore) to have detected a signal from the star EQ Pegasi is reported by the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) News Online. The SETI Institute stated that the claims were a hoax.




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