Section 2: A few preliminary points

There are three preliminary matters that I’d like to mention briefly. These are:



Section 2.1 - The Google Toolbar

I’d strongly encourage anyone that hasn’t done so to download, and try out the various features of, the Google Toolbar.

One of my favourite tools on of the Google Toolbar needs to be selected before it becomes visible on the toolbar. After installing the toolbar, you need to go to the “Settings” menu on the right-hand end of the the Google Toolbar, and select “Options”. Click on the “Buttons” menu, and tick “Search site”. While ATS and some other websites have search tools built in, this part of the Google Toolbar is an amazingly useful tool on many, many other websites.

It is very useful to note that with the Google Toolbar installed, you can type words in the text box on the toolbar and then click on that word on the right hand side of the toolbar. Clicking on that word will search for that word (or phrase) on the webpage that you are viewing. So, you can use the Google Toolbar to find webpages containing certain words AND then use it again to find where those words occur on each of those webpages.

Another tip. When you search using Google, you can usually click on the word “cached” next to each of the search results. Not only is calling up a webpage from the Google cache usually quicker than clicking on the link to the relevant webpage itself, but also when you access the “cached” version of the webpage then the words that you were searching for are automatically highlighted in various colours – making them very easy to spot when quickly scrolling down the relevant webpage.



Section 2.2 - My UFO Timeline
As I mentioned briefly in Section 1 of this Starter Pack, in 2006 I circulated a 1,800 page UFO Timeline which attempted to draw together references for some of the more frequently discussed matters in the history of Ufology and SETI. That Chronology may be useful if you want to find references to discussion of a particular famous incident or document.

Most of the references in my Chronology are to sections of the 963 UFO/SETI books that I read to compile the Timeline (so it is most useful to those that already own a few UFO books), but I also included a few links to material on the Internet.

Since 2006, I have sought to convert my Timeline from a single large Microsoft Word document into a website which provides tables of references for famous incidents, documents and personalities in a form which can be sorted by author, date and length of discussion.  My website, now includes many such tables. Indeed, the main function of this website is to share those tables of references so that other researchers can (if they wish) look into an event or document quickly and in detail.

Section 2.3 - Tinwiki, on ATS

Every few months, someone suggests on one UFO discussion forum or another that it would be a good idea to have a wiki devoted to ufology and related issues. Well, ("ATS", a popular discussion forum) had such a wiki for quite a while. It was called "Tinwiki".

Tinwiki had the potential to become a useful (free) resource available to members of ATS and the wider ufological community.

Unfortunately, despite having more contributors than any other UFO wiki (but still a fairly small number - with, say, about a dozen active contributors at any one time), it became defunct in 2009 and few people even seemed to notice.

I think it was a bit of a shame that so few ATS members appeared to be aware of Tinwiki or contribute to it. I tried to promote greater involvement, stressing that Tinwiki would only fulfill its potential if more members of ATS (or non-members for that matter...) create new entries and/or edit the existing entries.

I’m not sure why more members of ATS (or, indeed, non-members) did’t contribute to Tinwiki.

There is still the possibility of Tinwiki being revived.  If it isn't, we can all chalk it up as yet another missed opportunity for progress within ufology.



Section 2.4 - UFO Searchillion

There is a rapid turnover of UFO material on the Internet. Many links to material on UFO websites quickly become out of date. Therefore, instead of giving many links to specific webpages I have instead included below a search box which can be used to search various leading UFO websites at the same time. You can then click on tabs at the top of the search results to list only results from forums, only results from websites I have labelled as "skeptical" etc. I have included tabs for a couple of specific websites that I find particularly useful, including the valuable archives of the UFO UpDates email discussion List. The relevant websites are all listed in the discussion of the "UFO Searchillion" search engine in Section 2.4 of the "Free UFO Researcher Starter Pack" and continues to evolve...


The relevant search box is one of the two main tools on this website which are intended to help reduce the amount of reinvention of the wheel within UFOlogy. The other main tool is the collection of tables of references to discussion of UFO incidents, personalities and other matters in various books. Those tables can be sorted by author, length and date. I hope these tools are useful.



I have not attempted to cover all UFO websites, or even all the interesting ones, within the scope of the UFO Searchillion search engine.  This list is basically limited to the websites currently mentioned elsewhere in this Starter Pack.  It continues to evolve and suggestions for improvements are welcome.

For ease of reference, those websites (with their respective labels, which are used to limit the results when you click on the tabs that appear above the initial results) are listed below:

Websites of Main UFO Groups



Websites of UFO Skeptics



Other websites included in UFO Searchillion

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