• 1963.0000 Sagan on direct contact


    Sagan on direct contact
    During 1963, Carl Sagan's paper “Direct Contact Among Galactic Civilizations by Relativistic Interstellar Spaceflight” was published.




  • 1963.0100 First "Berserker" story

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    During January 1963, Fred Saberhagen's “Without a Thought” (also published as “Fortress Ship”) was published. This was the first of the long-running “Berserker” stories. The first Berserker novel (“Berserker”) was published in 1967.0000




  • 1963.0418 Paul Villa photos

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    On 18 April 1963, Paul Villa claims to have taken several UFO photographs.




  • 1963.0516 Gordon Cooper sighting


    Gordon Cooper sighting

    There was an alleged Mercury 9 UFO report involving astronaut L Gordon Cooper on 16 May 1963.

    This incident is Case 79 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 35 of the books covered by that article.

    This incident has also featured in a list of cases produced by British ufologist Gary Heseltine for the Fortean Times in 2007 as part of a survey of various researchers of the ten cases from 1947 onwards that interested them the most.



  • 1963.0716 Charlton crater


    Charlton crater
    On 16 July 1963, a crater 8 feet in diameter was found on Roy Blanchard’s Manor Farm, Charlton, near Shaftesbury, Dorset, England. Some writers have linked the presence of the crater to UFOs. (Commonly referred to as the “Charlton crater”).




  • 1963.1100 “Doctor Who” begins


    “Doctor Who” begins
    The “Doctor Who” (also known as “Dr Who” and “Dr. Who”) television series began broadcasting on the BBC in Britain in November 1963.




  • 1963.1210 Cosford crash


    Cosford crash
    On 10 December 1963, a UFO allegedly crashed at RAF Cosford, near Wolverhampton, England




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