Koi UFO Video 054: Scottish "alien hybrid" girl (Playstation advertisement)



[DEBUNKED] Koi UFO Video 054 is a video of a girl with (apparently...) an unusual appearance, talking with a Scottish accent.  

One of the copies of this video on Youtube has over 1 million views. Comments are still regularly added to Youtube in relation to the video.

Since 1999, this video has occasionally prompted discussions online with titles like "Is this an Alien Hybrid???" and "Cummingham Video - Mental Wealth - Make-Up Or Gray Alien Girl?".

Various individuals have asked online whether this video showed the girl's natural looks or involved some special effects, with a small number of people speculating that she may be an alien or "alien hybrid".  As with many comments online about UFOs and aliens, it is difficult to be sure whether some of the comments were intended to be taken seriously or were just a joke. 

The true position will probably unsurprising to most people.

As detailed below, the video in fact shows the relevant actress (Fiona Maclaine, photos of whom are included below) subjected to various special effects as part of a television advertisement entitled "Mental wealth" by Chris Cunningham for the Sony Playstation.  The nature of the video was clear in the original advertisement, which ended by showing a link to a Playstation website.  

Copies of the video which do NOT show that link to a Playstation website seem to be more popular on Youtube and also generate more discussion.  I wonder what the implications of this fact are for ufology??? 


Sections below:

1. The relevant video

2. Stories and claims relating to this video

3. The real background to this video

4. Relevant online discussions



1. The relevant video

Versions of this video were broadcast in various countries in around 1999.  

Some people have a problem understanding the words spoken, particularly Americans that aren't used to the Scottish accent.  The words spoken are set out below:

Let me tell you what bugs me of the human endeavor
I’ve never been a human in question, have you?
Mankind went to the moon
I don’t even know where Grimsby is
Forget progress by proxy
Land on your own moon
It’s no longer about what they can achieve, out there on your behalf
But what we can experience
Up here and of our own time
And it’s called mental wealth


Screen shots from the video are included below for ease of identification:







2. Stories and claims relating to this video

Most people appear to recognise this video as an advertisement, with relatively few people thinking that the girl shown in the video is an alien.  Many of the online comments about the video do, however, ask whether the video shows the natural looks of the relevant girl.



3. The real background to this video

This video was created by British video artist Chris Cunningham as an advertisement (entitled "Material Wealth") for the Sony Playstation in 1999. It was broadcast on television in various countries.  At the end of the video, the Sony Playstation logo appeared with a link to a Playstation website.  



The Sony Playstation logo has been omitted from some of the copies  placed on Youtube. Coincidentally, the copies of the video without the Sony Playstation logo appear to have become the most viewed and discussed.  

The video is also displayed on Chris Cunningham's own website.



Chris Cunningham's other videos include "Rubber Johnny", embedded below.


Various other websites also refer to the "Mental Wealth" Sony Playstation advertisement and give details of its production.

For example, the Director File website states that "Mental Wealth was Chris’ first commercial since he decided to quit the promo scene" and that "Continuing along the lines he’s drawn in technological futurism, he makes an alien reality frighteningly believable", commenting that Chris Cunningham "has us watch this charming, pig-tailed girl with eerily human/inhuman facial features advise us about our own destinies".  That website states that the girl in the video was Fiona Maclean (although I think the correct spelling is in fact "Fiona Maclaine"). Chris Cunningham worked with The Mill’s Flame operator, Barnsley, on designing a look for the girl, which involved pulling her eyes apart and turning them inwards, shrinking her nose, squashing her mouth and stretching her body out like a bean-pole.


A brief page on the IMDB website relating to Fiona Maclaine indicates that she is an actress that appeared in the movies "Minotaur" (2006), "Mercenaries(2011) and "The Sky in Bloom" (2013).


Further details, and photos, of Fiona Maclaine appear in an entry on the Spotlight.com website.



4. Relevant online discussions

Relevant discussions on the AboveTopSecret.com forum include the following:

2007 (August) discussion entitled "Is this an Alien Hybrid???"

2007 (October) discussion entitled "Cummingham Video - Mental Wealth - Make-Up Or Gray Alien Girl?"




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