• 1949.0200 Project Sign report


    Project Sign report
    During February 1949, the final report of Project Sign (“The Findings of Project Sign”) was completed.


    Officially cited as Technical Report-TR-2274-IA of the Technical Intelligence Division, Air Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

    (Commonly referred to as “the Project Sign Report”).



  • 1949.0216 Green fireballs conference

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    On 16 February 1949, A conference involving Dr Lincoln La Paz (an astronomer from the University of New Mexico) was held on the subject of reports of “green fireballs” and a proceedings report was issued.

    The conference held at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory to discuss investigation of sightings of green fireballs. Attended by representatives of Project Sign, various scientists and others.

  • 1949.0403 Walter Winchell missiles

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    On 3 April 1949, radio commentator Walter Winchell claims that flying saucers were actually guided missiles from Russia





  • 1949.0424 White Sands sighting

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    On 24 April 1949, there was a sighting at White Sands, New Mexico whilst tracking a weather balloon, involving Charles B Moore.


    This incident is Case 66 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 44 of the books covered by that article.



  • 1949.0427 JIC Top Secret report


    JIC Top Secret report
    On 27 April 1949, the U.S. Joint Committee on Intelligence (“JIC”) was provided with a Top Secret report on “Unidentified Aerial Objects” by the Air Force Director of Intelligence.

    Directorate of Intelligence, USAF, Decimal Correspondence File, "Flying Discs," 1949, National Archives II, College Park Maryland.



  • 1949.0427 Project Saucer press release


    Project Saucer press release
    On 27 April 1949, the US Air Force released a “Memorandum for the Press” entitled “Project Saucer”.

    Memorandum for the Press NO. M 26 – 49, entitled “Project Saucer”, Project Blue Book files.



  • 1949.0427 USAF briefing

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    On 27 April 1949, there was a briefing for the USAF Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and his staff on UFOs by Directorate of Intelligence personnel.

    Directorate of Intelligence, USAF, Decimal Correspondence File, "Flying Discs," 1949, National Archives II, College Park Maryland.




  • 1949.0430 Sidney Shallett article

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    The first part of Sidney Shallett’s two-part article on UFOs appeared in the 30 April 1949 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, entitled “What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers”.

    The second part appeared in the 7th May 1949 edition.


  • 1949.0800 Project Grudge final report


    Project Grudge final report

    During August 1949, Project Grudge's final report was completed.

    The report contained analysis of 244 cases.

    It concluded that Unidentified Flying Objects posed no direct threat to the national security of the United States.

    The report was designated as Technical Report No. 102-AC 49/15 – 100 (commonly referred to as “the Project Grudge Report”), originally classified “Secret”.


  • 1949.0820 Clyde Tombaugh sighting


    Clyde Tombaugh sighting
    On 20 August 1949, astronomer Clyde Tombaugh had a sightingat Las Cruces, New Mexico.

    This incident is Case 43 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 57 of the books covered by that article.




  • 1949.1106 Green fireball conference report


    Green fireball conference report
    On 6 November 1949, a report was sent to the Commanding General, Air Materiel Command relating to the green fireball conference that had been held during February 1949





  • 1949.1226 True article published

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    On 26 December 1949, the January 1950 edition of Truemagazine (containing the article entitled, The Flying Saucers are Real” by Donald Keyhoe) hit the newsstands.





  • 1949.1227 Project Grudge press release


    Project Grudge press release

    On 24 January 1878, the Air Force issued press release (Numbered 629-49) announcing that Project Grudge had been close down.

    The press release stated that the final report on UFO’s would released to the press a few later days.

    Grudge Report (officially titled “Unidentified Flying Objects Project Grudge”, Technical Report No. 102-AC-49/15-lOO) issued thereafter.



  • 1949.1230 USAF press release


    USAF press release
    On 30 December 1949, the US Air Force reportedly issued a statement on UFOs.






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