• 1981.0000 Anamnesis Project


    Anamnesis Project
    During 1981, the Anamnesis Project was launched by Alex Keul and Ken Phillips to study the life profile of UFO reporters.




  • 1981.0000 NASA SETI report


    NASA SETI report
    During 1981, NASA releases a further SETI related report, entitled “Life In The Universe”. This report was edited by John Billingham and related to the Proceedings of a conference held at NASA Ames Research Center Moffet Field, California on 1979.0619 to 1979.0620.




  • 1981.0108 Trans-en-Provence "landing"

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    On 8 January 1981, an alleged UFO landing occurred at Trans-en-Provence, France involving Monsieur Renato Nicolai (sometimes misspelt as “Renato Niccolai”). (Monsieur Nicolai was originally referred to using the pseudonym “Renato Collini”).

    This incident is Case 65 in Isaac Koi's "Top 100" article,  since it was referred to in 45 of the books covered by that article.

    This incident featured in a document (“the Rockefeller Briefing Document”) endorsed by Dr Mark Rodeghier (President of CUFOS), Richard Hall (Chairman of FUFOR) and Walter Andrus (President of MUFON) as containing “the best available evidence for the existence of UFOs”.



  • 1981.0316 Cracoe Fell photos


    Cracoe Fell photos
    On 3 March 1981, photographs of bright lights were taken during a sighting by off-duty policemen at Cracoe Fell, north of Skipton, Yorkshire Dales, England.




  • 1981.0700 Proxmire and SETI funding


    Proxmire and SETI funding
    During July 1981, Senator William Proxmire (D-Wis) successfully proposed an amendment to eliminate NASA “subsistence level” funding of SETI (which the Senator referred to as “insterstellar conversation”).




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